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1. How did you get into J-Pop, J-Rock, or Visual Kei?
2. Current favorite girl and guy group?
3. Favorite Solo artist? (Girl and guy solo artist)
4. What other groups do you like?
5. Ideal Type?
6. Songs you will never get tired of?
7. What song do you have to sing every time it comes on?
8. Do you know any choreography?
9. Favorite music video?
10. Favorite singer who's also an actor/actress
11. Dream concert or first concert?
12. First purchase?
13. Most recent purchase?
14. Favorite j-pop fashionista?
15. Favorite songs?
16. If you could meet any artist and hang out with them for the day, who would you pick?

Pandainthe Night's Channel: http://nzclip.com/kchan/UCHsC...
hikkipedia's Channel: http://nzclip.com/kchan/UCA0d...

Original Tag Video: http://nzclip.com/nzplay/Nzclip-NzKaXHS...

Music: https://www.bensound.com
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